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Category 1: Campus wireless network

Wireless Internet access is provided on campus and can be used by all faculty, staff and students of the school. You can log in to the wireless base station deployed by the computer center by using an email account issued by the computer center of the school.

  • Equipment required for connection
    Equipped with a wireless network card compliant with IEEE 802.11 g/n/ac/ax specifications, you can connect to school wireless network services.
  • Campus wireless service range
    The current campus wireless service range areas are as follows:
    "Library, all areas of the Library and Information Building", "Finance Building (International Conference Hall on the 2nd floor)", "Dacheng Hall (Grand Auditorium)", "Teaching and Administration Building (1st and 2nd floors)", service identification number SSID: TPCU.
    If you have any questions about the wireless network service range, please refer to the "Wireless Network Coverage" website of the Center or contact the Network Management Team of the Computer Computing Center.