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1. Campus Internet Services:
  Provide a high-quality information environment for teaching, research and administrative needs.
2. Campus wireless network service:
  If the exit of each building has a sign saying "Wireless Internet service is available in this area", then the building provides wireless Internet access service. The current scope includes the Tuzi Building (Library 3~6F), Finance and Economics Building (2F International Conference Hall), Dacheng Hall (Grand Auditorium) and Administrative and Teaching Area Building (1, 2F) and other areas (for details, see: "Wireless Network road coverage”).
3. Wireless roaming service:
  All staff and students of our school can use their email accounts and passwords to roam across schools with member schools (for details, see: "TANet Wireless Network Roaming Exchange Center" ).
4. Campus email:
Website: https://mail.tpcu.edu.tw/, which provides email services with a web interface to facilitate faculty, staff and students to send and receive emails through a web browser at any time and anywhere.

◎Each new student has a set of account and password that can be used when enrolling.
Student E-Mail accounts (the English letters in the account number must all be lowercase) will be changed to the prefix s (lowercase) before the student ID regardless of grade, academic system, or department.
For example: the student ID is M9411101 and the account number is sm9411101.
The default password for student email is the ID number (but the English letters are in capital letters).
For example: The ID number is A123456789, and the password is A123456789.

◎For new faculty and staff, please apply to the center to use it.
5. Online services:
Provide online system applications related to course selection, score inquiry, vacancy inquiry, student loans, score entry, conduct score entry, calendar, and student feedback.