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Category 2: Wireless inter-school roaming

In order to extend the wireless network service area, our school joined the wireless roaming plan of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1994. In 1999, we cooperated with the Ministry of Education to establish the TANet "Wireless Network Roaming Exchange Center" and completed the transfer operation in November. The current roaming scope includes There are 22 schools at all levels, county and city network centers and 10 corporate foundations.

Faculty and students of our school can also roam across schools by using their original account and adding the school’s field name.

For example, if the computer center network account/password you hold is user/pd123456, then the account/password to log in to inter-school roaming is user@tpcu.edu.tw/pd123456

  • Provide wireless network roaming to schools and units:
    Schools and units that have joined wireless network roaming can refer to TANet "Wireless Network Roaming Exchange Center" for roaming status.
  • Wireless inter-school roaming connection steps include:
    It varies depending on the school where you are located. Users can refer to the setting steps and related coverage diagrams of connected schools.